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New Standards Developed to Support Children Having Healthcare Procedures

Children in Hospital Ireland (CIH Ireland) welcome new international standards to support children and young people as they undergo healthcare procedures.

Lucy Bray, Professor of Child Health Literacy at Edgehill University has worked with an international team  of health professionals, academics, children, young people, parents, child rights specialists, psychologists and youth workers to develop a set of standards for children and young people having health care procedures.

New Standards Developed to Support Children Having Healthcare Procedures lucy bray

Anna Gunning, CEO of CIH Ireland stated, “For a child, it can be very daunting to visit a hospital and undergo new procedures, and these experiences can have a huge impact on a young person’s physical, emotional and psychological well-being. The child’s interests must come first and it is crucial that they are met with positive experiences. This will build confidence, reduce harm and establish trust. We warmly welcome these standards and look forward to Lucy Bray sharing her research with us here in Ireland.”

Children in Hospital Ireland will host their Annual Lecture with Lucy Bray on May 2nd to explore these standards and learn how parents and healthcare professionals can work together to improve the experiences for children and young people in hospital. CIH Ireland is a national charity that supports children and families in hospital through play and advocacy. Working for over 50 years in hospitals throughout Ireland, CIH provides play opportunities for children in hospital and seeks to support the rights and improve the welfare of children in hospital.

Professor, Lucy Bray added “We need to do more to make sure every child is supported to have a positive procedural experience and that their short- and long-term best interests are prioritised in all clinical decisions. 

We would urge health professionals and organisations to do all they can to familiarise themselves with the standards and we hope that they prompt conversations in practice about how to support children before, during and after their procedure.“

Lucy Bray will be the keynote speaker at CIH’s Annual Lecture on May 2nd at The Albert Lecture Theatre in RCSI Dublin. To attend, please book your place online at: 

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