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Interactive patient portal launched for people with bleeding disorders by National Coagulation Centre at St James’s Hospital

App will allow patients with bleeding disorders to see and contribute to their own medical records and interact electronically with their medical team

Marking World Haemophilia Day, the National Coagulation Centre at St James’s Hospital, Dublin has today (Monday, 17 April 2023) launched the Myindici Patient Portal, a fully interactive app for people with bleeding disorders. Developed in collaboration with patients and the Irish Haemophilia Society, the app is a significant development for patients with inherited blood disorders in Ireland and will assist them in the management of their lifelong conditions and care.

In a novel development for Ireland, the patient portal incorporates a secure messaging system which will allow patients with bleeding disorders to communicate on non-urgent matters with their healthcare team. The app provides users with access to key parts of their healthcare records, information on their diagnosis, curated educational resources, contact details for haemophilia centres nationwide and other patient information.

Commenting on the benefits of the patient portal for those with bleeding disorders in Ireland, Professor Niamh O’Connell, Consultant Haematologist at the National Coagulation Centre in St James’s Hospital, said: “Access to real-time healthcare information is critical to delivering a high quality and safe service for people with bleeding disorders. Empowering people to become partners in their healthcare by facilitating secure access to their own records is a key driver for patient safety, education and timely care delivery.”

Based at St James’s Hospital, the National Coagulation Centre has long been at the forefront of the development of electronic patient record systems in Ireland. With a national system in place since 2006, and a smartphone app for monitoring and reporting of home treatment since 2010, the haemophilia service in Ireland is consistently recognised as world–class.

The Myindici Patient Portal is a product of the second phase of the Haemophilia Lighthouse Project, funded by eHealth Ireland. Since the beginning of the project in 2016, a new electronic health record for people with bleeding disorders has been implemented and phase two, the launch of the patient portal, is now complete.

Welcoming the patient portal on behalf of fellow haemophilia patients, Brian O’Mahony, Chief Executive of the Irish Haemophilia Society, said: “The patient portal is an exciting development in the care of bleeding disorders in Ireland and will allow patients to take control of their complex conditions. Irish Haemophilia Society members have been involved in the development of the patient portal since its inception and our members are confident that the app will improve their overall care experience.”

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