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Pelvic Floor Muscle Training: A Men ‘s Health Solution!

Pelvic Floor Muscle Training with Aoife Ni Eochaidh

Stress Incontinence is leakage of urine with coughing, sneezing or exercise. One in eight men can have this embarrassing and very bothersome problem. Prostate Cancer Surgery, Enlargement of the Prostate, Prostatitis and Aging are the main causes of this type of leakage. Men with incontinence spend much on costly incontinence pads. They hide the problem by wearing dark coloured clothing. Stress incontinence is treatable and preventable with pelvic floor muscle training.

Home Pelvic Routine for Men is an expert designed on-line series of exercise videos and e-booklets, a step-by-step series of exercises and routines, delivered from the Home Pelvic Routine Platform, for Men to train their weak pelvic floor muscles, in comfort and privacy at home, on any device, phone, tablet or laptop. The exercises are given in the right order, at the right pace, treating the root cause and ensuring excellent results.

Aoife’s Home Pelvic Routine for Men, to treat stress urinary incontinence and other pelvic conditions has been created from learnings of 25 years of successfully treating men with pelvic floor muscle dysfunction. Aoife sees over 200 hundred men every year through her hands. Aoife’s uses an evidence-based approach and knowledge from her vast experience to ensure optimal results. The Home Pelvic Routine for Men is for sale online via the Home Pelvic Routine e learning platform, courses. and online from pharmacies and physiotherapy clinics here in Ireland and in the UK.

People that have purchased it have described it as awesome, life changing, simple and easy to use! People have encouraged their friends to buy it. People like that they can use the Home Pelvic Routine on their phone, their laptop or PC. The videos can be watched repeatedly, and the E-booklets can be downloaded and printed.

Aoife’s Home Pelvic Routine product is affordable, it retails at ¤70 (inc VAT). There is a shortages of specialist pelvic physiotherapists globally. Home Pelvic Routine allows people to access high quality pelvic floor muscle training from anywhere in the world, in comfort and in privacy at an affordable price. It is more convenient than attending the physiotherapist for every single appointment, or even attending at all.

The product is targeted at men, including those going through or after prostate cancer surgery, and we have created a female version too. We are excited to have developed a range of products, including our Home Pelvic Routine Advanced Courses and our soon to launch Home Pelvic Routines Maintenance Products. Men of any age can use the product from, New Dads, New Grandads, Athletes, Sporty teenagers, and or Men recovering from illness. It is aimed particular at men with stress urinary incontinence both to prevent and solve pelvic floor muscle weakness and thus improving men’s health, fitness, and quality of life. All men need is an email address to access their course, to create a password enabled account. A friendly IPPM Physiotherapist is available at the end of the phone for any queries. One to one in person and online pelvic physiotherapy appointments are also available with Aoife, from her private clinic based at Suite 16, Bon Secour Consultant’s Clinic Renmore, Galway.

For further information please email To purchase a Home Pelvic Routine Course for Men please log on to courses. or ring 087 3469491 to make an appointment. Please see the IPPM website for more information www. With Incontinence the problems are awful but with Home Pelvic Routine Pelvic Floor Muscle Training, the results are great!

Aoife Ni Eochaidh is a multiaward-winning chartered physiotherapist and clinical specialist women’s and men’s health or pelvic physiotherapist. Aoife founded a company, International Pelvic Physiotherapy Management Ltd (IPPM) which provides a portfolio of services in the pelvic physiotherapy space. Aoife also has created a range of online pelvic floor muscle training courses, called Home Pelvic Routines, they are a series of videos and e-books which are a solution for urinary incontinence and other pelvic conditions including bowel incontinence and erectile dysfunction. A range is also available for women.

Written by Aoife Ni Eochaidh, Chartered Physiotherapist

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