Medical Scientists accept Labour Court recommendation to return to WRC

Medical Scientists suspend next week’s Industrial Action to allow for WRC talks

Medical Scientists have this evening accepted a recommendation from the Labour Court to return to the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC), to resolve long-standing recruitment and retention issues in the sector.

In accepting the Labour Court’s recommendation, the Medical Laboratory Scientists’ Association (MLSA), has suspended plans for three consecutive days of industrial action next week.

After the MLSA and HSE/Department of Health were invited into the Labour Court for exploratory talks today, the Court requested that both parties engage further at Workplace Relations Commission for a period of at least three weeks from today.

The Labour Court has requested notification after that timeframe if an agreement has been reached or not. It has requested that if outstanding issues remain they be referred back to the Court, which has an accepted authority to make a recommendation that is binding for both parties.

Today’s Labour Court talks follows one day of Industrial Action by Medical Scientists last week and a further day of action yesterday. Planned action for today was suspended yesterday following invitation to the Labour Court.

MLSA General Secretary Terry Casey said the Union remained committed to resolving severe recruitment and retention issues in the sector and to achieving a sustainable work structure for Medical Scientists, patients and the Irish health service.

Medical Laboratory Scientists Association (MLSA)

The MLSA is the Trade Union representing Medical Scientists, the scientific professionals who carry out critical diagnostic testing of patient samples. It represents more than 2,100 Medical Scientists employed in public voluntary hospitals, HSE hospitals, private hospitals and the Irish Blood Transfusion Service.

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