Irish Healthcare transformed – €13 million investment and 50 new jobs marks the launch of the Mater Private’s new Day Hospitals

New Mater Private day hospitals at Cherrywood and Northern Cross to offer same-day specialist care for patients in a single location

  • Opening of new day hospital facilities at Cherrywood and Northern Cross marks significant investment of €13 million by the Mater Private Network
  • Launch of both Day Hospitals will result in 50 new hires
  • COVID-secure patient focus at day hospitals will minimise interaction with acute hospital system, alleviating pressure on public health service
  • New day hospitals to speed up patient pathway from GP referral to accessing a treatment plan in specialities such as cardiology & cardiothoracic surgery, orthopaedics & spinal surgery
  • A focus on re-engineering and digitising processes to ensure concurrent consultation, diagnostic imaging & testing clinics
  • Simplified referrals and booking appointments will give full control and flexibility, enhancing overall patient experience and speedier referral triage
  • CEO Mater Private Network, John Hurley: “The opening of the Day Hospitals is a major step in expanding our healthcare offering across the Mater Private Network, positioning the patient and their GP  at the centre of our healthcare approach in line with international best practice. Marking the most significant investment in the last decade, this €13 million will also support the creation of 50 new jobs within the Mater Private Network”.


The Mater Private Network is opening two innovative day hospitals in Cherrywood and Northern Cross, Co. Dublin that will shorten the traditional patient pathway from GP to specialist treatment by up to 6-8 weeks. Representing a significant investment of €13 million, the launch of both day hospitals will also create 50 new jobs.

Both day hospitals will offer the possibility of complete same-day care delivered by the Mater Private Network’s expert team in the specialist areas of cardiology, cardiothoracic surgery, radiology, orthopaedics, and spinal surgery, with ambitious plans to expand this offering into other specialities, like oncology, in the next 12 months.

Both day hospitals are situated in a purpose-built facility, allowing for the accelerated, uninterrupted delivery of specialist treatment plans, alleviating the pressure on patients with a streamlined service leading to faster treatment plans.


Service, technology, and expertise  

The Mater Private Day Hospitals offer an extensive range of consultation, imaging, and diagnostic services.

Both facilities will house the knowledge and expertise of Mater Private Network’s leading cardiologists, orthopaedic consultants, spinal surgeons, and radiologists in addition to an expert team of radiographers, cardiac physiologists, specialist nurses, technicians and support staff.

Both day hospitals will offer patients the opportunity to complete multiple appointments in just one day – consultation with an expert consultant from the Mater Private; investigative imaging, testing, and diagnosis; reviewing and agreeing treatment plan and treatment planning options all in the one day, without the need to transfer to another building or location.

Both facilities have stringent Covid-19 infection prevention measures. Patient focused, they will support in the delivery of acute care interventions. This further enables the Mater Private Network to deliver essential medical care despite pressures on the public health system during this pandemic.

These new patient-centric processes, which combine and streamline multiple appointments, have the added benefit of minimising the time a patient spends in a healthcare setting, preventing close contact with others and ensuring complete patient safety throughout their visit.

The Mater Private Day Hospitals are both equipped with industry-leading diagnostic imaging and testing technology and equipment, including the latest in x-ray scanning, MRI, and ultrasound systems.


Significant investment

The development of the Mater Private Day Hospitals marks a significant investment of €13 million by the Mater Private Network as part of their ongoing commitment to the expansion and enhancement of healthcare delivery in Ireland. It will also include the recruitment of 50 new hires into the Mater Private Network.

Commenting on the opening of the Mater Private Day Hospitals, CEO of the Mater Private Network, John Hurley, said:

“The new Day Hospitals are supported by an investment of €13 million, the most significant investment by the Mater Private Network in the last decade. It will lead to the creation of 50 new hires and is a major step in expanding upon our healthcare offerings to patients

“Providing safe, patient-focused healthcare is paramount to the work that we do at the Mater Private Network. The opening of the both Day Hospitals will allow us to provide the best in specialist care through a unique same-day, same-location, patient-centric service, something which has not been seen in Ireland before. This, in turn, will bolster the positive experience of patients in their access to healthcare.”

“Our patient-centric approach, coupled with our streamlined delivery of services will ensure patients receive a better experience, while benefiting from the Mater Private Network’s expertise and exemplary quality of care.

“Aiming to always be at the forefront of international best practice and in line with current trends, the healthcare delivery will be patient and GP driven – removing unnecessary stress for patients by accelerating the time to a treatment plan in one visit, in one location, on one day.

“This new integrated approach will allow us to facilitate approximately 50,000 patient appointments each year, and deliver accelerated care in a safe, non-hospital environment.

“The day hospitals will initially provide care for patients across the hospital’s core specialities—cardiology, cardiothoracic surgery, radiology, spinal and orthopaedics—with consultations, screening, and diagnostic imaging services available for patients in one visit, as required.”.

“We are ambitious for the future and look forward to expanding our offering to include a range of other specialities and services to provide for the ever-evolving needs of our patients.”

Situated in suburban Dublin North at Northern Cross and Dublin South at Cherrywood, the Mater Private Day Hospitals are conveniently located for those travelling from other parts of the country for an appointment.

Patients who wish to be seen at either centre can simply request to be referred to the one most convenient, provided their required service is available, reducing travel times and preventing unnecessary journeys into Dublin city centre.


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