Teva Ireland marked the beginning of Carers Week with a poignant video to launch Life Effects & celebrate Ireland’s 391,000 family carers

Monday 8th marked the beginning of Carers Week and we wanted to share with you a truly beautiful piece of storytelling in a video from Teva Ireland. The short and emotive video recognises the valuable contribution made by Ireland’s 391,000 family carers, who time and time again go above and beyond forth person in their care.

It tells the story of John and Mary, a loving couple whose lives are altered when one of them falls ill and the other assumes the role of caregiver, leading to a new normal for both people. The short video beautifully illustrates the love and dedication a carer has for the person in their care.

Ireland’s carers are under immense pressure and face new challenges daily during Covid-19.

Life Effects is a new platform being launched by Teva Ireland this week. Its a peer to peer support platform, where carers and patients with chronic conditions share advice, insights, tips and technologies to help others who are on the same or similar journey.

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