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Medical microwave treatments transformative for Irish clinics

Expert hails innovative device after 950 treatments conducted

A LEADING podiatrist and business owner who has completed nearly 1000 treatments using a revolutionary new medical device has hailed its potential as the future of treating painful skin lesions.

Having adopted Emblation’s Swift® device, Dublin-based podiatrist Joseph Egan revealed that it has become the most effective form of treatment in his three clinics across Ireland.

Designed by global medical microwave leader Emblation, Swift is an innovative form of treatment that uses targeted bursts of microwaves to treat warts and verrucae.

Joseph, who is the owner and director of MyFeet, explained that he was convinced to implement the device into his clinic after seeing promising research on its results – and has since reaped the benefits of its highly effective treatment.

Joseph said: “We are seeing hugely positive results for patients across our clinics. I’ve been really impressed with how effective treatment with the device has been.

“When you compare this against more traditional forms of treatment such as cryotherapy or treating with salicylic acid, the difference is night and day.

“For us, it’s been a positive step change, leading to a much easier process. Using Swift means we don’t have to provide protective padding or dressings and they don’t need regularly changed.

“Additionally, patients aren’t having to go through persistent pain every week that they otherwise would if they went down other routes like cryotherapy, acid or invasive surgery.”

Unlike other traditional treatments, Swift utilises revolutionary microwave technology, targeting the tissue with a highly controlled dose of energy, with research showing that the treatment has an efficacy rate of up to 86.4% on verrucae.

Over 345,000 treatments have been performed across the world and the innovative microwave technology is undergoing trials as a treatment for conditions such as fungal nail, facial acne and melanoma.

Speaking about the future of treatments, Joseph added: “In my opinion Swift is currently the most effective form of treatment clinicians can provide for their patients when it comes to warts and verrucae.

“The research is what convinced us to start using it and it’s been an excellent decision from both a patient care and business standpoint and we’ve not looked back since.

“From a business perspective, we recouped what we paid for the device in three to four months, which is a massive bonus. From the get-go, we’ve wanted to improve our treatments for customers and Swift® has managed to do that – almost instantly.”

Emblation founders Gary Beale and Eamon McErlean, who first crossed paths during their postgraduate studies at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, jointly established the company.

Speaking on Joseph’s feedback, Chief Commercial Officer, Jonathan Williams said: “It’s obviously incredibly encouraging and motivating to hear such positive feedback about Swift.

“The treatment has proved to be a real game changer when it comes to patients’ quality of life, and we’re still very early into our journey in Ireland. We’re happy Swift® has had such an impact for Joseph and most importantly his patients and we can’t wait to continue to grow Swift’s presence across the country.”

In 2021, the firm experienced a significant injection of capital when Apposite Capital, a London-based specialist in healthcare, invested an eight-figure sum.

This financial boost propelled the firm’s rapid global expansion, resulting in the acquisition of a distribution company to form Emblation Inc.

This financial injection also paved the way for the establishment of new Emblation subsidiaries in Canada and Germany, in addition to their expansion into more than 20 other countries.

This financial boost tripled the company’s workforce necessitating larger office space. Emblation has now moved into their state-of-the-art headquarters £4m headquarters in Stirling.

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