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Right to die with dignity campaigners to deliver petition at Dáil tomorrow

Campaign group ‘End of Life Ireland’ will deliver their petition signed by 4,750 people tomorrow at Leinster House Tuesday 2pm.

They are calling on politicians to make it possible for people suffering incurable and terminal illnesses, to be able to die with dignity. Specifically End of Life Ireland wants an end to delays in setting up the Special Oireachtas Committee to examine end of life medical assistance.

Speaking ahead of the the event cancer sufferer John Wall said  

“I fully support the right to die with dignity & in particular the right to choose in a regulated & responsible manner. As someone living with a terminal disease, I have absolutely no desire to suffer unnecessarily when the time comes. Life is as important to me as anyone else, but ultimately cancer will take mine. All I want is the choice on how I say goodbye.”  

Kildare based GP, Dr. Brendan O’Shea said  

‘It is now well over a year since a Special Committee to examine the issue of medical assistance in dying was promised. The delay in setting it up means Ireland is falling even further behind in addressing what is a very important issue for many people approaching end of life’ 

Janie Lazar, End of Life spokesperson said

“We all hope that our loved ones, including ourselves, will die with dignity, surrounded by the people we love, with as little pain as possible. Today we call on our political leaders to stop delaying this crucial discussion about assisted end of life care.”


Outside Leinster House 2pm, 25th October

Spokespeople:, Janie Lazar, John Wall, 

Petition can be seen here 

About End of Life Ireland

Contact for further details 

Janie Lazar +353 86 857 2005

Siobhan O’Donoghue +353 87 677 7463

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