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Lisa Snowden among guests at events hosted by Meaghers Pharmacy Group to mark World Menopause Month

British TV presenter Lisa Snowden and winner of Masterchef UK 2022, is one of the guests at a range of events being hosted by Meaghers Pharmacy Group to mark World Menopause Month this October.


The host of the popular Get Lifted podcast will be one of the guests at a special Instagram Live event on October 20th on Meaghers’ Instagram page – @meagherspharmacy.

Lisa will be joined by Dr. Shahzadi Harper, a working menopause doctor who runs the Harper Clinic in London as well as Meaghers Pharmacy Group owner and Managing Director Oonagh O’Hagan.

This talk will focus on all things menopause including the signs, symptoms, HRT and supplements that can help. 


On World Menopause Day (tomorrow, October 18th) itself, Meaghers will host an Instagram Live event with Consultant  Mary Ryan, Ireland’s leading endocrinologist and expert in menopause.


On October 23rd, there will be a special Instagram Live with a physiotherapist and pelvic floor expert from the International Pelvic Physiotherapy Management (IPPM) focussed on how perimenopause and menopause effects our pelvic floor muscles and what can be done to help. See here for the full list of events. 


As champions of female health, Meaghers Pharmacy Group and its owner and Managing Director Oonagh O’Hagan is determined to break down the silence around menopause. She says many don’t connect the symptoms they are experiencing with menopause, especially as, while the average age to go through menopause is 51, perimenopause can begin up to 12 years earlier. 


Chemotherapy and radiation therapy, or surgery to remove ovaries, can bring on early onset menopause, while many lifestyle choices such as poor diet, consumption of processed foods and high sugar diets as well as stress, poor sleep and exercise can all exacerbate the symptoms.


“Symptoms include a lack of energy, anxiety, low mood, insomnia, fatigue, joint pain, poor digestion, hair and skincare changes – a bewildering set of symptoms for anyone who might not connect their discomfort with age and hormonal change,” says Oonagh.


Good health is key to the transition. Meaghers also has a range of supplements that can be used alongside healthy practices to help alleviate the worst effects. See here for the range of menopause support range of products


Women seeking more information or advice should speak to their GP and can contact the team at Meaghers by visiting any of their pharmacies, via social media or organise an online consultation with a video pharmacist via the website,

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