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According to the Department of Health, over 188,000 people in Ireland are affected by eating disorders – serious and complex conditions with increased risk of mortality.

Bodywhys; The Eating Disorders Association of Ireland are highlighting a lack of understanding and awareness. This is around the challenges that can accompany diagnosis, treatment, and also recovery.

The theme for Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2022 (28th February – 6th March) is ‘Hidden Challenges’. It originates from issues raised by Bodywhys’ service users. It aims to bring some lesser discussed but also equally important topics to the foreground. Several online events are taking place throughout the week, focusing on topics such as stigma; body image; ED in men in addition to more topics.

Ellen Jennings (Communications Officer at Bodywhys) said ‘One of the advantages of online events is the ability to connect with many expert speakers. This is without geographic borders being a barrier to attendance. Equally, this means that people from all over the country can attend the informative webinars planned.’

Ellen adds ‘Our most recent PiLaR family support programme (February 2022) was attended by parents, partners, siblings and friends from 22 counties in Ireland.

In 2021, the PiLaR programme reached over 1,500 people, reflecting a 125% increase on 2020’s figures.

Therefore, we invite anyone who wants to learn more, support someone or to raise awareness get involved this Eating Disorders Awareness Week, you can find all the details on our website and social media platforms.’

People can and do recover from eating disorders

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