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Innovating Weight Management in Ireland

Dr Michael Crotty Launches My Best Weight, a first of its kind medical weight management clinic in Ireland

First of its kind in Ireland, My Best Weight is a dedicated medical weight management clinic which has opened in Dublin. This team of internationally accredited doctors and experts provide an innovative approach using the most up to date scientific research. Employing a collaborative approach with the person being treated. They explore the underlying reasons for issues with weight and assess the impact that this may have on health. An individualised, long term treatment plan may include medication therapy, behavioural supports, medical nutrition and exercise therapy. My Best Weight has been recognised by the European Association for the Study of Obesity as a leading obesity management centre in Europe. It becomes the first non-hospital based accredited centre in Ireland.

Led by Dr Michael Crotty, a GP specialist in bariatric medicine and clinical lead. My Best Weight is a non-judgemental, patient-centred service. It provides a caring and supportive environment for people to discuss weight without blame or shame. Knowledge of the biology regulating weight has advanced significantly. It is clear that weight is not simply an issue of willpower or lifestyle. My Best Weight does not take this over simplistic and stigmatising view but recognises the many factors associated with weight. Obesity is a condition where excess or non-typical fat tissue impairs health.  It is not just a risk factor for disease but a medical issue in its own right.

The My Best Weight approach looks beyond just numbers on a scale as the sole indicator of success.

It instead focuses on delivering health gains.  The My Best Weight team works to understand the true measure of success for each person. It might include changes in quality of life or function, our relationship with food, a reduction in pain. It may even include improving blood pressure or blood sugars.  Dr Crotty’s team takes a much broader lens to the issue of weight management. They support people with long term sustainable interventions specific to the challenges they experience.

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Dr Michael Crotty spoke at the launch of My Best Weight

“Our best weight is the weight we’ll be when living the healthiest life we can enjoy and sustain long term. Excess weight is not due to lifestyle issues or a lack of willpower.  It is a complex medical issue influenced by genetics, our nervous system and hormones. This is in addition to the environment we live in. Our weight is regulated by subconscious parts of the brain that we cannot control. So telling someone to simply eat less and move more does not work in the long term. Most people have tried this over and over again. We now have very effective options including medications to manage weight safely. We do not blame and shame people for having other medical conditions. People living with overweight and obesity deserve the highest quality of care – that’s why our approach is different.”

The members of the My Best Weight team reflects the complexities of weight management. In addition to the care provided by Dr Crotty, the team also includes Prof Carel Le Roux an expert in bariatric and metabolic medicine. Along with Andy Grannell PhD, a clinical exercise physiology and Natalie Wallace, a registered dietitian who specialises in weight management. Collectively the team address all aspects of a person’s needs to design a treatment plan. It should deliver long term, sustainable health gain.

My Weight gain 3

Pauline Kiernan, 56, from Lucan in Dublin joined My Best Weight in July 2021.

Speaking about her experience, she said, “When it comes to managing my weight, over the last 20 years I’ve tried everything. The problem I found was that I couldn’t keep the weight off. In July 2021, I was referred to Dr Crotty at My Best Weight. I decided I would give it another go even though I didn’t really hold out much hope. I was blown away by the approach at My Best Weight. It couldn’t be more different to what I have tried in the past. As well as behavioural support and nutrition, I also take a medication now. It has really made a difference and for the first time I think I’ve found the right path for me. So I couldn’t be happier.”

Research conducted by Eurostat last year showed that Ireland has the second highest rate of obesity in Europe with approximately 29% of the adult population living with overweight and a further 26% living with obesity. This data further underlines the need for a new and fresh approach to weight management services in the country.

Therefore, anyone interested in finding out more about the new clinic can visit or contact the clinic directly to make an appointment.

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