People with arthritis invited to participate in nationwide Covid survey

A nationwide survey has been launched which aims to identify the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on people living with arthritis.

The survey is being conducted by Arthritis Ireland, the national patient organisation and health research charity. This is the second such survey undertaken by the organisation.

The charity is asking anyone living with arthritis to complete the online survey. It says the more people that participate in the research, the more accurate a picture it will have of the impact of Covid-19.

The survey looks to identify how the pandemic has affected people’s capacity to access health services, attitudes towards the vaccines, as well as its impact on physical and mental health.

According to Brian Lynch, head of communications and advocacy at Arthritis Ireland, “Our 2020 survey showed that four in ten people with inflammatory arthritis had a hospital appointment to see their consultant cancelled or postponed during the first phase of the pandemic. One-third had scans, blood tests or other tests cancelled or postponed.

“These are significant findings, because arthritis is a chronic condition for which there is no cure. If people cannot access the health services they need, there is increased risk of long-term damage to their health.

“The findings from this new survey will give us the data to advocate on behalf of the one million people living with arthritis. This is a destructive disease that causes enormous pain to people. Arthritis doesn’t stop while we’re trying to solve the pandemic,” Lynch said.

This is an anonymous survey. Respondents will not be asked for any personal information in the survey that would identify them and the data will be stored securely. To participate in the survey, visit the Arthritis Ireland website,

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