“SingStrong: Strong lungs through Song” Long Covid Study is recruiting participants

The SingStrong study is seeking participants for a breathing and singing intervention for people with chronic respiratory problems post COVID-19..

Were you diagnosed with Covid-19 and find that your breathing is still affected?

Do you find your endurance is reduced and it is much harder to do things you used to do before you were sick?

If so, would you like to join a study to explore how singing and breathing exercises might help your lungs to heal?

“SingStrong” is run by an experienced respiratory physiotherapist and researcher from University of Limerick, and a specially trained vocal coach and choir leader. This project has been very successful in helping people with other lung conditions to improve their breathing and general health.

There will be twice weekly lessons – 45 minutes each – on retraining your breathing and learning to sing properly. Good vocal techniques uses the muscles we need for better breathing. Classes are recorded so you can do them in your own time if you can’t attend live, and you will be muted for most of the session so no one needs to hear you.

Most importantly, you don’t need to be able to sing at all and of course the sessions are completely free.

If you are interested in participating, please contact, and you will be send more detailed information and consent forms.

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