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GlucoRX Nexus strips

HSE-Medicines Management Programme (MMP) has completed an evaluation to identify preferred blood glucose test strips (BGTS) for adults with type 1 and type 2 diabetes mellitus, as part of the MMP’s remit to support safe, effective and cost-effective prescribing. For More information

WINDZOR Pharmaceuticals are pleased to announce that our GlucoRX Nexus Test strips and GlucoRX HCT Test Strips are on the MMP List of Preferred Blood Glucose Strips.

There are various meters in the Nexus range, all of which utilise the same Nexus Strip. In the GlucoRX HCT range we have two meters, which both utilise the same HCT strip.  Please contact us should you require any information or would like to us to assist you in switching your patients to the GlucoRX Nexus Meters or the GlucoRX HCT Meters.

The GlucoRX Nexus strips and HCT strips are available in packs of 50 from United Drug and Uniphar.

GMS code 85120 – GlucoRX Nexus

GMS Code 85139 – GlucoRX HCT Glucose strips

GMS Code 97601 – GlucoRX HCT Ketone Strips

All meters are available free of charge from Windzor Pharmaceuticals Ltd, contact 086 8243967 or  01 6950401

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