EAHP’s 24th congress aims to put the patient front and centre

In less than four months, the (EAHP) will be hosting the largest European gathering of hospital pharmacists in Barcelona, Spain. The 24th Congress of the EAHP, which will take place between 27 and 29 March 2019, will bring together healthcare professionals from all over the globe that are seeking to improve their level of training.

EAHP’s Scientific Committee, under the lead of Prof Dr Kees Neef, has prepared an interesting and innovative Congress programme which caters to the educational needs of the profession and takes into account the latest developments in hospital pharmacy. It is centred around the theme ‘Personalised Hospital Pharmacy – meeting the needs of every patient’. Different keynotes and seminars will provide attendees with up-to-date information on the latest trends in relation to OMICS, clinical trials and health technology assessments as well as an update on the current status of the Common Training Framework project of the EAHP.

Four hands-on workshops will explore the patient-pharmacist relationship in clinical trials, best practices for the prevention of medication errors, the influence of human factors in practice and the techniques needed to conduct a “make-or-buy” analysis. In addition, students will benefit from a tailored student programme focusing on the rational use of antimicrobials and the importance of hospital pharmacy involvement in multi-disciplinary antimicrobial stewardship teams.

The keynotes, seminars and workshops will be completed by EAHP’s Synergy Satellite programme which was designed to help hospital pharmacists prepare for the provision of cutting edge innovation in service delivery and patient care. Biosimilar medicines and anticoagulants will again feature prominently on the Synergy Satellite agenda of the 24th Congress. The following Synergy events will be hosted:

  • Biosimilars – available yet sometimes missing – the challenge of procurement (sponsored by an education grant from Amgen)
  • Anticoagulation – improving efficacy and preventing side effects (sponsored by an education grant from Bayer)
  • Biosimilars: challenging misconceptions, optimising uptake, maximising value (financial support was provided by Pfizer Limited as a Medical and Educational Goods and Service)
  • Biosimilars in haemato-oncology – new blood, old questions (sponsored by an education grant from Sandoz)
  • Facing Brexit and FMD – Is Europe ready for the double “storm”?

Due to the success at the 2018 Congress the match-making function and the FUN run will be returning. To facilitate the exchange between colleagues, EAHP’s congress app will provide participants with the opportunity to connect with like-minded people. Those that do not mind an early start can join the FUN run on Friday, 29 March from 7.00 to 7.45 to support children with cancer.

Registration is possible via the EAHP website. Participants that sign up by 31st January 2018 will profit from a reduced registration rate.

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