CPD Introduction

1. REFLECT – Before reading these modules, consider the following: Will this clinical area be relevant to my practice?

2. IDENTIFY – If the answer is no, I may still be interested in the area but the article may not contribute towards my continuing professional development (CPD). If the answer is yes, I should identify any knowledge gaps in the clinical area.

3. PLAN – If I have identified a knowledge gap – will this article satisfy those needs – or will more reading be required?

4. EVALUATE – Did the article meet my learning needs – and how has my practice changed as a result? Have I identified further learning needs?

5. WHAT NEXT – At this time you may like to record your learning for future use or assessment. Follow the 4 previous steps, log and record your findings. Published by HPN, sponsored by MSD. Copies can be downloaded from  www.irishpharmacytraining.ie Disclaimer: All material published is copyright, no part of this can be used in any other publication without permission of the publishers and author. MSD has no editorial oversight of the CPD programmes included in these modules.

Certificates gained at the end of each CPD.

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